Instant Digest

Human mind is programmed. It seeks complacency in respect of possessions, relations, situations, ideas.

Pain and uncertainty can not be undone. They have to be absorbed without any comforting idea.

Mind coins theories to explain pain and pleasure, thus caught in its own web. We act compulsively as if tomorrow will deliver.

Relationship with the present moment is unalterable.

To seek comfort through complaining, blaming, feeling guilty is a trap in which mind is caught.

Mind is under the illusion that pleasure will cut the root of pain.

Mind leans to treat anything or idea as good apart from its functional use.

No one can be essentially unhappy unless one is in immediate physical danger. You can save yourself physically. But you can not save yourself psychologically.

Mind wants to be comforted now about results, tomorrow.

Whatever you may get in the form of money or possessions and so on-the relief, the pleasure experienced has its momentum only for sometime. Brain requires fresh momentum to operate.

Mind is seeking (illusion) a secured ultimate in the form of money and so on or the idea of God.

To see clarity in chaos is the function of the mind. This function can not be undone.

Every thought is a chemical reaction in the brain. How? Even this ‘how’ is a chemical reaction.

System of the Universe is evolving from order to order.
Disorder is only ignition for action, to move to the next step.

There can be no ‘wrong’ in the System, but we have to essentially feel it through pain and pleasure.

The System can not be bound within any comfortable idea or end.

System operates with the law of contrast, the law of the alternate, the law of interdependence.
We are conscious against being non-conscious. This is the totality. The junction point is awareness. 

One sees the automation of the whole Scheme. Action becomes relaxed, conscious.

The energy is concentrated here and now.