All the out side impacts are causing a stir in you, either positively or negatively or neutrally. There is not a single moment when this stir is not there.

Mind in a stereotyped manner is trying to hold on to positive, reject the negative and ignore the neutral. Actions are guided by holding, rejecting or ignoring. This movement is mind’s default setting. Just being aware of the above shows forth the mystery.

Mind sensates the challenge by seeking satisfaction out of it either by accepting, rejecting or ignoring. It is not that challenge should not cause a stir. Challenge must stir you and in awareness that stirring withers away. The unified field includes the stirring and withering away. In unawareness, the stirring impels one to lean on to any one side, the side is immaterial. Or in unawareness, the challenge does not stir you. The system continuously throws challenges to stir you so that there may be awakening.


Unless  mind is jolted, it will not shed its laziness. Laziness is making efforts and desiring release through satisfactory end. It is laziness when the mind is tethered to an end as satisfactory.

When the idea of rest, satisfaction, end drops, the idea of effort also drops. Suddenly one touches the high voltage wire.

Brain requires charging to act, to move. The present brain is charged through stress, pain, anxiety, fear, compulsion and so on. It feels relief as relief from stress and so on. It is caught in this movement. The movement is compulsive, forceful as one rejects stress, pain and so on. When these are not rejected, the brain is charged. This charged brain and wholeness is the same.

Actions become casual, fun, non-committal.


Vibration of the Moment

When you see vibration of the moment with your senses, suddenly you are charged.

Seeing the vibration of the moment is to feel the pain, pleasure, anxiety, anger, fear and so on as they arise.

The interaction with the outer is essentially experienced by pain, pleasure and so on. This is the vibration.

Can you see the vibration, can you hear the vibration, can you feel the vibration in the body?

This seeing, hearing, feeling is without the intervention of idea (thought) that it is good or bad. Idea always explains away the vibration by using good-bad syndrome.

It is not an exercise or activity. It is explanation of the vibration, moment. This is happening every moment.

This is sudden recognition of the moment, which can not be thought out.