Session\Sessions on Fundamental Understanding are conducted for corporate employees\officers, students, members of Institutes and for groups of individuals

Session covers:

Why one is stressed?

Why one feels confusion?

Why there is wavering while taking any decision?

Why one feels angry?

Why anxiety sometimes overtakes?

Why one is nervous before appearing in exam, interview or while giving any performance?

Why others do not behave as you want?

Why I do not get desired results despite my best efforts?

Why our relationships do not remain smooth?

Why one feels cheated at times?

Why one feels low energy at times?

Why there remains unstability, that is, no stable pleasure?

Why I face confusing choices?

Why there is negativity all around?

Why there are disparities between different people on economic, social, intellectual, physical level?

Is there something like God's will?

Why sometimes you are labelled when there is no fault of yours?

Why your good behaviour is not responded in the same manner?

Why one remains trapped in problems and keeps waiting for some permanent solution?

Why one feels or others feel hatred, jealousy?

Is greed something bad, wrong?

And so on.

There is nothing to practise or implement. The point automatically takes root while you listen or go through.

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